[urban/experimental] ethnography +++ dataviz

  • Materialtone

    Decomposing Times Square / 2019 Inspired by the Pantone Color Matching System, this set of cards offers a detailed collection of materials composing Times Square in New York City. The exercise intended to deconstruct this location using a nontraditional representation method, focusing on unconventional and taken-for-granted elements such as bollards, types of floors, textures, and…

Current projects

Tarde, a handbook of minimal and irrelevant urban entanglements

Tarde is a bimonthly printed and online ethnographic zine that delves into the seemingly and often overlooked aspects and elements composing urban life. It combines urban ethnography, empirical philosophy, and data visualizations.

Umbrology Department

The Department of Umbrology is a division of study and intervention whose main task is to create multimodal devices for shade analysis, paying attention to the politics of shadows and their agencies as urban actors. Our main objective is to re-enliven shade knowledges and practices, working “on shadows, from shadows.”