If I have to describe how I see what I am currently doing with my work, I could say I am going back to the old times when I was finishing my high school. Those were times of open possibilities. The chance of choosing what would come next was in my hands, and I decided to go outside for capturing what my eyes were seeing. I chose journalism.

But then, journalism was not enough. Its positivism and epistemic limitations made me feel incomplete. I learned how to create good quality communicative products. The digital subfield was always my obsession. The problem was not either how to create or how to represent a piece of information. The issue was what to say. And suddenly I found myself limited, and I run away.

The situation was less dramatic than how it sounds. It never was a crisis, just one day happened. One day I realized the complexity of the world outside requires new tools for being grasped that the ones I used to use. And that happened to me walking, in the middle of Manhattan. It was my first time in New York City, and that was also the first day of a new me.

I am not overreacting. During two weeks in 2012, I went to New York for vacations. At that time I was working on producing a sportive magazine for mobile devices. The intentions of doing urban journalism were hidden by a job that although allows me experimenting creating interactive products does not offer me the possibility of doing what I wanted.

Then, I was there, walking almost any single block of Manhattan, being absorbed by the daily life of the city and re-encountering that part of myself that was always ravening for good stories. After that trip, I decided to beging a master in sociology and taking serious my interest in cities.It was not only writing about cities, now my goal was exploring and decomposing them and here I am.

I feel like that teenager again who was able to choose what does he wanted to do for his life. I am doing what I love to do, and the possibilities of action I have are infinite. Life is being renewed every time, neighborhoods are constantly changing, and that thing we use to call as urban is giving me new portraits for grasping and describing them every single time.

First, it was the Northside of Brooklyn now it is Times Square. It does not matter the place where I am, that city is always with me. There is a book, a song, an image that always makes me remind New York City. The boundaries between life and job and between fun and work just disappeared once I decided to go that way. I did not choose New York it was New York that took me. I only had to say “yes.”

*Hebrew for “in a beginning.”