Collecting obsessions and passions

The best way to understand my work is using the metaphor of a net. I am working on a topic, let’s say decomposing a concept, and at the time I am doing that, I am also thinking about many other related things: 1. A new project based on an element I have found in my actual work. 2. How to link that element not only with the things I am currently doing but also with my general set of thoughts. 3. How should I categorize the elements I am finding (the use of labels is something that always takes my eye.) 4. How to find relationships between those things I am thinking and the world outside. 5) How to translate that. 

A creative process is always a personal construction. But it does not matter the shape, the steps, the shortcuts, and the ingredients one can use for designing it a creative process will always have tons of hard work. Nevertheless, sometimes that hard work is totally imperceptible. I mean, I do not even realize when I am working and when I am not because the barriers between private and working life disappeared many time ago. And that is great. Perhaps it would change someday, but right now that melted situation tangled in a growing network of thoughts is a privilege that allows me to explore many different fields, resources, tools, and scenarios with the only goal of improving what I am doing. 

As a designer enthusiastic, never as a real one, I wanted to have a parallel space to my Ph.D. for brushing up my vectors. I tried it, but that never happened. As a journalist and a storyteller, I wanted to create a blog for talking about those other things related to my doctoral research. It turns that there are no other things. Going to the lake a summer afternoon also implies to pack my readings up and finding an under-a-tree-spot near to the shore, an amphibious location for swimming and reading. Taking a walk around the city is always a process of discovering and exploration of the neighborhoods I am crossing by. My phone and I make a team (armed with an interactive map, an encyclopedia, and a camera) that is always up for unravel the urban life in front of us.

I could continue with more examples, but I think the point is clear. So, instead of just suppressing my other interests, I decided to use them in the permanent construction of my doctoral process, and beyond. This process turned out to be bigger than just the act of carrying out a specific piece of research. At the moment I am writing this post I am about to reach my second year as a doctoral candidate. The growing process I have experienced can be traced not only following what I have been learning about doing urban research f but also through my way of acting and thinking in daily life. All seems to be connected here. Even the accidental coincidences seem to fit in a good way.

And that is one of the reasons why I decided to create a blog. This website is an online collection made of obsessions and passions that is constantly growing and challenging me. “Inspiration exists,” said Pablo Picasso, “but it has to find you working.” and that’s where I am.