How to use this blog

This website is an unfinished network in constant expansion. At the same time, it is a limited product about public urban places from a strong ANT perspective. The blog is part of my Ph.D. process about what can we learn of Times Square for doing ethnography.

This website is an unfinished network in constant expansion. At the same time, it is a limited and particular product about what we call as “public-urban places” from a solid Actor-network theory (ANT) perspective. The content of this blog is a speculative work about life happening in the streets and my efforts for capturing and describing it using a metaphor, the blog itself, for re-presenting the complexity, effervescence, and multiplicity of what it is occurring outside. 

One of the main sections of this site is related to my formal Ph.D. process about what can we learn from Times Square for doing ethnography. I see this piece of research as a cooperative production of knowledge through a constant dialogue between that place —and what is happening there— and me. “Me” should be understood here as a collective composed of my own thoughts as well as of other’s theories, places, moments, and shared experiences… Times Square should also be understood in the same way, as a temporary stabilization of many other elements, instead of as just a single object.

The encounter of Times Square and the communal “me” produced a syncretism manifested in the proposal of an ethnography of the particular from ANT. All this site —excepting my masters’ thesis— is the result of that encounter. Nevertheless, the logic of that opened dialogue was not only circulating in the way of a mutual transformation but in the elaboration of a sort of common frame —the syncretic product— for “me” exploring other places and topics always with Times Square as an active component.

The participation of Times Square in the exploration of new worlds is more than an elaborated prosopopoeia. The agency of the Square related to this work is based on the construction of a research program where its role goes beyond being either a study object or fieldwork. To say that this place acts as a sort of coauthor of what is writing here is proposing a flatted, heterogeneous, and anti-heroic academic agenda in Urban studies influenced by a feminist-STS approach and a constant observation of life happening outside.

One of the first things I learned from Times Square was that for describing “public-urban places” is necessary to deploy a performative attitude. We should dispense with linear writing if we want to translate the main features of those spaces to our descriptions. That is why my invitation is to explore and use this blog tracing your own roadmap according to your interest and curiosity. 

Below you can find all posts organized under a series of labels to present the whole panorama using a human scale semantic logic of categorization. Use this blog in the way you want: chronologically, based on labels, topics, randomly… It does not matter. Be ready for going backward, for jumping from one content to another, for reading a post that is contradicting another one, for being in Times Square and then in Lübeck, or Berlin or the East Village, and for finding here any kind of articles. This here is a diorama of the effervescent life outside.

Labels and categories, a proposed navigation system