What is an urban experiment? Presenting the “Green Light for Midtown” program

In general terms, an experiment is something that you do for either validate or reject a hypothesis. That something is an organized and controlled procedure that should be able to be replicated in a similar scenario following a specific set of instructions. But experiment is not an easy concept. When we talk about doing an… Continue reading What is an urban experiment? Presenting the “Green Light for Midtown” program

Diluting Citizenship. A first approach to the Smart City concept

The vignettes of the Coca-Cola 3D Billboard and the WIFI kiosks are sharing some common elements, besides the obvious point that they can be traced in the Times Square of my piece of research. Those elements can be gathered into a context of "experimentation in urban places.” (Gieryn, 2006; Karvonen & van Heur, 2014; Silver… Continue reading Diluting Citizenship. A first approach to the Smart City concept

Working on palimpsests (I). Snapshots and stamps of the urban landscape

Palimpsest is a concept widely used from many sides for talking about the city and urban life. Andreas Huyssen used it in an attempt for linking memory, as a political subject, to spatial practices in three cities that have suffered either "major social or political traumas:" Berlin, Buenos Aires, and New York. The chapter number… Continue reading Working on palimpsests (I). Snapshots and stamps of the urban landscape

The surprising lack of interest in Times Square

The scholar works about Times Square seem to disappear at the end of the 1990s. It is not that nobody wrote about Times Square anymore, the issue is that almost any recent work about the Square is about the nineties or before. The Era Giuliani is the period that has attracted most academic glances due… Continue reading The surprising lack of interest in Times Square

The free-WIFI experiment

Times Square is a fragile place. In 2016 a solitary homeless man was caught watching porn using the tablet of a free WIFI kiosk located around the Square. Immediately the news made a big echo of this issue tracing an imaginary relationship between this man and the recent past of the zone, the one before… Continue reading The free-WIFI experiment

A hyperbole hyperbolizing

There is a Starbucks over Broadway Avenue, between the W. 43rd and the W. 44th Street that reminds open 24-7. The advertising on its facade is made by circular light bulbs, and the shape of the ceiling outside reminds the standard design of the entrance of an old theatre or cinema. Few blocks up, there… Continue reading A hyperbole hyperbolizing

Times Square is a magnetic place

It does not matter the opinion you may have about Times Square, you cannot deny that this is a place that has power for capturing things: bodies, glances, capital, emotions. The attractiveness of this plaza can be found in many different scenarios: Its screens and media; its history; its many reproductions in popular culture; its… Continue reading Times Square is a magnetic place

LEDs dancing in choreography and a proposed experiment for my next fieldwork

There is a particular sound one can hear in Times Square. The sound is louder around the W. 47th Street, between Olive Garden’s sidewalk and the TKTS booths under the big red stairs. If you visited the Square after August 8, 2017, perhaps you may know about this. But probably you don't. The sound has… Continue reading LEDs dancing in choreography and a proposed experiment for my next fieldwork

The yoga group

The Chinese woman came to me. Immediately after her “hello,” and without making a pause for letting me reply to her greetings, she started to tell me her story. She was not in Times Square as a tourist she was there working for a group which aim is fighting against the organ harvesting in prisons… Continue reading The yoga group

Going to Times Square, part I. A brief presentation

This piece of research is proposing you an unofficial tour around The new new* Times Square. Around the spatiality, I have delimited and named as Times Square for constructing my particular case. This one, the one I am showing you here, is located in the same place that the local administration traced as Times Square,… Continue reading Going to Times Square, part I. A brief presentation