Writing urban from STS

To write is an extension of walking. Yes, it is merely that. To write is organizing memories in a semantic structure with the aim of translating emotions to a solid state where those can be preserved and reutilized how many times the reader consider necessary. To walk is an exercise of capturing and collecting moments,… Continue reading Writing urban from STS

Baklavas in Mauerpark

Every time I am reading, I cannot stop comparing other people's work with mine. But how I do that is paying attention to the way they are knitting their set of concepts. I always find interesting the fluency the rest of the word has for using theoretical notions. The confidence they have for naming things… Continue reading Baklavas in Mauerpark

Barber, the city, and the necessity of untying the hank

Benjamin Barber was someone I always wanted to interview. His thoughts about cities, democracy, and global exchange resulted not only interested but also, in a certain way, inspired to me. Barber's work can be placed in two different scenarios: one political and another academical. In the first one, and talking specifically about cities, perhaps his… Continue reading Barber, the city, and the necessity of untying the hank