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  • Multimodal decompositions of a garden (1/5)

    Multimodal decompositions of a garden (1/5)

    This is the first entry of a series of five posts on an ethnographic experiment on my garden in L├╝beck, northern Germany, whose simple goal was nothing more than decomposing that terrain through the fabrication of detailed descriptions and graphic artifacts. This is then an epistemological exercise that mixes a multiplicity of ethnographic multis: multispecies, multisensorial,…

  • Materialtone


    Decomposing Times Square / 2019 Inspired by the Pantone Color Matching System, this set of cards offers a detailed collection of materials composing Times Square in New York City. The exercise intended to deconstruct this location using a nontraditional representation method. The exercise focuses on unconventional and taken-for-granted elements composing urban spaces, such as bollards,…