The Project for Public Spaces

The transformation of Times Square from a car-land to a sight of the walkable public space is the result of a process based on pedestrianizing Broadway that occurred during the Bloomberg mayoralty. In a brief sense, the portions of Broadway Avenue crossing Times Square and Herald Square were eliminated from the City's traffic system, changing… Continue reading The Project for Public Spaces

Eyes on the street. Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (II)

One of the things that Paris, Berlin and New York have in common is the ability for seducing (Cochoy, 2016). Those cities, along their history, have attracted (and generated too) a tremendous heterogeneous flow of groups, ideas and processes that have transformed those places into an object of desire, but also a touristic landmark, a… Continue reading Eyes on the street. Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (II)

Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (I)

At least three times per week I like to play a game that I call killing dragons. The game is based on the famous cartographic sentence Hic sunt dracones, (here be dragons) that was used into some medieval maps to make a reference to unexplored territories. The activity consists in looking at the Berlin Transportation… Continue reading Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (I)

Working on palimpsests (I). Snapshots and stamps of the urban landscape

Palimpsest is a concept widely used from many sides for talking about the city and urban life. Andreas Huyssen used it in an attempt for linking memory, as a political subject, to spatial practices in three cities that have suffered either "major social or political traumas:" Berlin, Buenos Aires, and New York. The chapter number… Continue reading Working on palimpsests (I). Snapshots and stamps of the urban landscape

The free-WIFI experiment

Times Square is a fragile place. In 2016 a solitary homeless man was caught watching porn using the tablet of a free WIFI kiosk located around the Square. Immediately the news made a big echo of this issue tracing an imaginary relationship between this man and the recent past of the zone, the one before… Continue reading The free-WIFI experiment

A hyperbole hyperbolizing

There is a Starbucks over Broadway Avenue, between the W. 43rd and the W. 44th Street that reminds open 24-7. The advertising on its facade is made by circular light bulbs, and the shape of the ceiling outside reminds the standard design of the entrance of an old theatre or cinema. Few blocks up, there… Continue reading A hyperbole hyperbolizing

Going to Times Square, part I. A brief presentation

This piece of research is proposing you an unofficial tour around The new new* Times Square. Around the spatiality, I have delimited and named as Times Square for constructing my particular case. This one, the one I am showing you here, is located in the same place that the local administration traced as Times Square,… Continue reading Going to Times Square, part I. A brief presentation

The problem with gentrification

Depending on your way of looking, urban transformations can be appreciated either as intense controversies or as black boxes labeled under the label of gentrification. Although at the beginning gentrification looks like a controversy itself, the debates around this concept seem is getting cold and shaped as a not official agreement (Hammet, 1991) between the… Continue reading The problem with gentrification

Lights still on

It was almost midnight, and the air was unusually cold due to some sporadic showers during the night. I was seated on a concrete bench in front of an empty and under remodeling spot between Broadway Avenue and W. 47th Street. After midnight, when the area is less transited, a group of workers starts its… Continue reading Lights still on