City as a laboratory

Laboratory studies (Latour & Woolgar 1979; Woolgar, 1982) is one of the main action areas in STS and as Doing (2008) indicates “(it) represents the foundation of STS.” “The accent (of this discipline) is on the in situ observation of scientific activity” (Woolgar, 1982). Knoor-Cetina (1995) points her glance on the relationship between the laboratory… Continue reading City as a laboratory

Relativity and an ontology of the particular

The elaboration of a “particular case” has two stages. The first one is selecting a specific portion of spatialized reality for being decomposed and analyzed. The reality, in a pragmatic view the world that is there, is the group of things that exist before the researcher’s interference. In other words, in an urban-open scenario reality… Continue reading Relativity and an ontology of the particular

Generalities about particular cases

if we want to be on the sidelines of totalitarian points of view, we need to use relativity and a particular and located vision. To talk about relativity results problematic nowadays due to the possible relationship that could be traced between relativism and postmodernism, interpreting the first one into the frame of the second one.… Continue reading Generalities about particular cases