The Project for Public Spaces

The transformation of Times Square from a car-land to a sight of the walkable public space is the result of a process based on pedestrianizing Broadway that occurred during the Bloomberg mayoralty. In a brief sense, the portions of Broadway Avenue crossing Times Square and Herald Square were eliminated from the City's traffic system, changing… Continue reading The Project for Public Spaces

Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (I)

At least three times per week I like to play a game that I call killing dragons. The game is based on the famous cartographic sentence Hic sunt dracones, (here be dragons) that was used into some medieval maps to make a reference to unexplored territories. The activity consists in looking at the Berlin Transportation… Continue reading Looking for dragons in the streets of Berlin, Paris and New York City (I)

The free-WIFI experiment

Times Square is a fragile place. In 2016 a solitary homeless man was caught watching porn using the tablet of a free WIFI kiosk located around the Square. Immediately the news made a big echo of this issue tracing an imaginary relationship between this man and the recent past of the zone, the one before… Continue reading The free-WIFI experiment