Times Square from a classical STS perspective. An introduction

Classical STS has been working on/with solid and established objects and scenarios since its foundation: scientists, science, engineering, engineers, laboratories, systems, technology, infrastructures. But classical STS is also an arena of constant discussions and bifurcations. As an interdisciplinary set of knowledge, Science & Technology Studies are composed of different perspectives and ways of understanding the… Continue reading Times Square from a classical STS perspective. An introduction

The Project for Public Spaces

The transformation of Times Square from a car-land to a sight of the walkable public space is the result of a process based on pedestrianizing Broadway that occurred during the Bloomberg mayoralty. In a brief sense, the portions of Broadway Avenue crossing Times Square and Herald Square were eliminated from the City's traffic system, changing… Continue reading The Project for Public Spaces

What is an urban lab?

To think about the city as a laboratory is not the only way of using this metaphor in an urban scenario; we also have urban labs. An urban laboratory is either a temporal or a permanent “constructed site of knowledge production” (Karvonen & van Heur, 2014). The nature of the laboratory is not relevant at… Continue reading What is an urban lab?