Expanding a corner in Times Square. First approach

Around seven and a half in the morning, a man dressed red is dragging a kind of metal rack with wheels around the northern part of Duffy Square. The rack contains twenty-two chairs and sixteen tables. All of them are metal painted red. He stops near the TKTS booths and starts to organize first the… Continue reading Expanding a corner in Times Square. First approach

Counterfeit cigarettes domesticating a place in Paris. Looking for dragons… (III)

The social, more than being understood as a specific domain (Latour, 2005), is presented here as both a movement and a capacity for making associations. Those associations are composed of any elements, into specific and localized networks. The social, in other words, is the generic label for talking about an action where an undetermined number… Continue reading Counterfeit cigarettes domesticating a place in Paris. Looking for dragons… (III)

LEDs dancing in choreography and a proposed experiment for my next fieldwork

There is a particular sound one can hear in Times Square. The sound is louder around the W. 47th Street, between Olive Garden’s sidewalk and the TKTS booths under the big red stairs. If you visited the Square after August 8, 2017, perhaps you may know about this. But probably you don't. The sound has… Continue reading LEDs dancing in choreography and a proposed experiment for my next fieldwork

The yoga group

The Chinese woman came to me. Immediately after her “hello,” and without making a pause for letting me reply to her greetings, she started to tell me her story. She was not in Times Square as a tourist she was there working for a group which aim is fighting against the organ harvesting in prisons… Continue reading The yoga group

Four vignettes of horses in the Square

One hour before midnight, sometimes earlier, some carriages are going to Times Square for working there. This activity is still legal in New York City, despite a few attempts for banning it (Neuman, 2017; Gould, 2018), and after 11:30 pm until three in the morning, it is allowed around the Square. During that period, the… Continue reading Four vignettes of horses in the Square

The chess player

I saw him was by casualty. He was reclining on one of the granite benches near the TKTS booths. It was Monday's night at the beginning of September, and the Square was full of people, but next to him was a free spot. I went there and I sat at his side. I did not… Continue reading The chess player

Lights still on

It was almost midnight, and the air was unusually cold due to some sporadic showers during the night. I was seated on a concrete bench in front of an empty and under remodeling spot between Broadway Avenue and W. 47th Street. After midnight, when the area is less transited, a group of workers starts its… Continue reading Lights still on